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"Whether they are my parents, nature or God who gave me life, I can only thank them for it. The world made me exist, but it belongs to me to make of this life the most beautiful thing ever. How? While living as if I was going to die tomorrow. Never cease being curious, learning, never letting my mind and heart fall asleep, by always learning, by earning every day the love of the persons I cherish. What's a successful life? It’s using all my capacities whatever they are; going beyond my own past to walk confidently towards my own future; finding my balance not to destabilise others around, first of all my children; trying not to hurt anyone, so not to allow remorse to settle in my heart and conscience. But at the same time, don’t get hampered by people who would like to draw you downwards. Loving, to be loved until after death, to live still beyond the grave."
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This is a question I was asked on Goodreads, her’s my answer:
It's not easy to answer, for many reasons. First I'm French, and my English is not good enough to explain delicate or precise things. So maybe you should also ask this question to Jane Hentgès, Mistress Mine's translator, who's from UK.
An English reader reviewed that some parts from this novel made her blush while reading it during break at work. An American reader thinks it can be read by a 12 years old girl!
I wrote this book in French four years ago, and my daughter who's a reader wanted to read it, but she was 12, so I hesitated. I let her finally reading Mistress Mine when she was 14, because she asked me everyday! She loved it! Only one paragraph bothered her a little. Teenagers knows things, but they don't always want to really read or see them. I would say this novel can be read from 15 years old.
I didn't want to write sexual things, because the novel is about the search of love. The preliminaries in love can be tender, beautiful, even a bit hot, but I always stopped there. After, we're supposed to know how it works and I didn't see the interest of writing it.
But definitly the novel is not about sex, it's an adventure and love story.
The title maybe is confusing, but it's been suggested to me by Jane Hentgès my translator, who took it from the Shakespeare sonnet. Jane wrote on my website about Mistress Mine:
"The reader can’t help getting attached to the heroine and all the men who cross her path during her travels. Louise Saint Quentin not only becomes their much desired “Mistress Mine” but she is above all her own “Mistress Mine” as she has to learn all about life and how to fend for herself from a very early age, something unusual for a girl at the time. The numerous, often pithy, dialogues throughout the novel show her personality and how it evolves. They bring both Louise and the other characters to life and together with all the little, well-observed details, create “a reality effect”. In a word, Mistress Mine is a good read as we are drawn into the novel from the start and find it hard to put down."
The heroine lives life to the full, as she likes hearing music, eating good foods, watching beautiful paitings, she likes loving too. This is for the "sexual" part of the question.
About historical romance or historical fiction, these words don’t have the same meaning in French. So what I can say is: it's a lovestory that happens around 1880. Except one chararcter, all the others are fictional. But the countries, historical details, way of life, way of thinking of the characters are true. I read only 19th century authors, known or unknown, I read and checked a lot about history. So this is a story that could have happened!
I hope this answer the question, forgive my English, dear readers, and don't hesitate to ask me more questions.
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I can’t really tell. Not that I don’t want to, but, it’s only imagination. This is how it works for me: I write very quickly, because characters are talking in my head, like if I was watching a movie at the cinema. Well, this is how it happens for me. I imagine scenes, mostly once in bed in the dark. I’ve always done that, as long as I can remember. So I keep on doing this, I guess it’s my nature. Some persons hear other persons talking in their head and are called mad, some other do the same and are called writers! Just kidding… maybe not! And please, forgive my English, I’m a French writer… fortunately, Mistress Mine has been translated into English by Jane Hentgès who’s a professional translator!
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Inspired to write Gabrielle Dubois


This is the big question! And the small answer is : I don’t know! I remember that I was a quiet child who loved making up stories. I could play alone with my doll or with nothing, making up stories that never ended. For many, many years, I thought that it was nothing, until one day, few years ago, all my stories were too much in cramped conditions in my head, and I had to let them get out.
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Well, I… I don’t really believe in advices. Each writer is different and has to make his own experience. But, if I had to say something, it would be: if day and night, every day, you think at your book, if you read great authors, if writing is all you like to do, if you prefer reading, working and writing instead of going out, on holidays, in theater, shopping, if you spend your time reading, writing, working, and reading, writing, working again, and if this makes you happy, then, maybe you’re a writer !
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The best about being a writer Gabrielle Dubois


All your dreams come true on the paper ! The writer is exactly who he’d like to be ! There’s a part of him in each character, writing is living as many lives as you wish, as when you read !

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Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t have writer’s block! I have so many stories to be written in my head, that I know that I won’t have time to write them all !
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Favorite fictional couple Mistress Mine Gabrielle Dubois


My favorite fictional couple is Louise and Edward, from Mistress Mine. Why ? Because they are my fantasy, and that’s why I created them. Louise is the woman that I would have liked to be. A spontaneous, strong and emotional woman, with a big heart. She’s got the chance to meet marvellous characters. But is it really a chance? No, Louise causes it: she’s a woman who doesn’t wait that her life lives without her. And Edward is the marvellous, understanding man, while keeping his masculinity.
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