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Linda Lou's review about Mistress Mine by Gabrielle Dubois on Goodreads
Linda Lou's review about Mistress Mine by Gabrielle Dubois on Goodreads

Mistress Mine's review by Walkingfortheloveofbooks
Mistress Mine's review by Walkingfortheloveofbooks

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Amy Lemco's review on goodreads

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Arlene's review on goodreads

This book made me happy and surpassed my expectations !
By Mary, a reader.

« While the cover is visually stunning, what's inside of this book is even better. The story is lush and atmospheric. Louise St Quentin, the main character, is charming and adventurous. She's strong natured and thick-skinned. Louise is fiercely independent but desperately in need of the proper companion. Having been rejected from birth by a distant father and absent brother, Louise is weary about men and their objectives. However, like most girls that lack a positive male role model in their life, Louise tends to fall under the spell of older men who promise security. Louise lacks a mother's love and support. Louise doesn't fully understand what's expected of a proper young lady. Her father shuns her, disregarding his moral obligations to his daughter, and Louise becomes a self governed free spirit in life and love. With little connection to her family's land, Louise St Quentin embarks on adventures in Paris, living life lavishly kept. From there, she returns home for a brief period to settle business matters that will leave her independently wealthy. Louise meets artist Clovis Bolivar, becomes his muse, and agrees to sail with him to the Polynesian islands. (…) This book makes me happy and surpassed my expectations.
(…) Mistress Mine has earned its place as one of my favorite reads of 2016. Louise was easy to relate to. Although beautiful, she was far from perfect. Enjoyed her spontaneity. (…) The scenery is well described and the story flows effortlessly. My only complaint? Dubois is a French author. Her books are treasured & enjoyed by the French speaking community. Dubois has authored several books. However, this is the only book of Dubois translated into English. (…) Gorgeous book. Beautiful story.
Generous author.
Note: Gabrielle Dubois will donate two euros to UNICEF for every book purchased between December 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017.
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" Can't wait to dive into this great classic novel of all time... I'm ready to finish it this week... (fascinating read) must read this classic 💖
You're an exceptional talented writer Ms. Gabrielle... Your story have great significance in the modern classic novel... Mistress Mine should be all over the world... & should turn to movie 😍 "


MISTRESS MINE by Gabrielle Dubois
Arthur Georg von Ramberg MISTRESS MINE by Gabrielle Dubois


· gabrielleduboisthestorytellerWill she be able to swim at the end? Who knows? Maybe only MISTRESS MINE's readers!

If you wish to be one of them, let's meet its author on www.gabrielle-dubois.com.


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voyagebrand Aww nice

thunderfitsam Nice!

sensing_majesty_digital_artI am enjoying your book! 💜😊

gabrielleduboisthestoryteller@sensing_majesty_digital_art ,  you mean you're reading MISTRESS MINE? 😃

gabrielleduboisthestoryteller@thunderfitsam and @voyagebrand thank you!

sensing_majesty_digital_art Oh! Yes, I just now started reading it. 😊


gabrielle dubois mistress mine novel
bookreveries comment for Gabrielle Dubois about Mistress Mine

Bookreveries’ comment about MISTRESS MINE by GABRIELLE DUBOIS on Instagram


Mistress Mine, the tough life and the strong character.

Louise had a tough life from the very beginning. Her mother died whilst giving birth to her and because of this her father not only didn’t want to look at her but she wasn’t even allowed to live in her own home, and so she was raised by their housekeeper. Her brother eventually left, so later on when their father died she was expected to take care of their business. Thanks to her strong character not only she manages but makes it even more successful. Yet this wasn’t enough for Louise, she wanted to live and discover other places, and so she travels to Paris. Many men were captivated by her beauty, she even attracts the famous opera composer Karl Meyer. Karl was giving her a very extravagant life, but Louise wasn’t content with being just a mistress and so she embarks on a new journey... Being a classics/literature lover I am always skeptic about new books, but I was intrigued by Mistress Mine because it is set during the 19th century and I’ve read that its author was just as fond of those times. This is very obvious in her book, you can tell she did a lot of research by the descriptions of the dresses, the art, the music and how people lived. I am surprised by how much I liked it. It’s almost 400 pages but it’s a fast page-turner and I didn’t want it to end. I know Gabrielle is working on the next in series but this has a good enough ending to keep you happy until the next...




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la_lettrice_jolie 26 days ago Wow! 😍This is an esquisite picture and a captivating post! I'm a classic/literature lover too, but this sounds so good 😊💝




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bookreveries 26 days ago @la_lettrice_jolie Then I am sure you will like it just as much 😊Thank you 😘





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bookreveries 26 days ago @ellenrauthor It's such a lovely read Ellen, you become fond of the main characters :)




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bookreveries 26 days ago @ellenrauthor And Thank you 😊




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mimilly.sweetdonkey 26 days ago I loved Mistress Mine by @gabrielleduboisthestoryteller too! 💖I fell in love with some characters. Please I want to read more from Gabrielle Dubois. Cute post @bookreveries 💝




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bookreveries 26 days ago @mimilly.sweetdonkey Yes it's a very lovely read. Thank you :)



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Five Stars 18 May 2016
A really good read - adventure, love and a great heroine!

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Claudia Ingread
May 01, 2016 Claudia Ingread rated it it was amazing
A really good read - love and adventure and a simply endearing heroine!!!
Jessica rated it really liked it
May 20, 2016
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