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The author

Gabrielle Dubois was born in Toulouse, in France, in 1967 and discovered the pleasure of reading very early on. She was a quiet child who loved making up stories. However, life went on - work, travelling, marriage and children – all the usual things.
It was only in 2011 that Gabrielle finally came to recognize that at heart she is a storyteller in love with the literature and music of the nineteenth century. It was then that she wrote Mistress Mine, the first volume of her Louise Saint Quentin saga.
Gabrielle Dubois wrote quickly with the same verve, passion and energy as her characters show in the books. Her novels are packed with breath-taking action from beginning to end and the heroine, Louise, is always fresh and spontaneous.
The author’s strength is her punchy dialogues and the way she weaves together a good story. In fact, reading Mistress Mine is just like watching an exciting romantic, adventure movie.


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